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Spring Break Retreat
at the Atlanta Soto Zen Center
Thursday March 7th — Sunday March 10th 

Dogen's Non Thinking - beyond both Thinking and Not Thinking.
The essence of Zen meditation.
The Silent Thunder Order and the Atlanta Soto Zen Center
are pleased to offer an introductory retreat
oriented for beginners and college students
who wish to deepen their meditation practice.
The schedule will include sitting and walking meditation, meals,
Dharma Talks and private interviews (Dokusan)
offered by the Abbot of the Silent Thunder Order
Zenkai Taiun Michael Elliston roshi.

Weather permitting, we may try mindful walking and/or meditating
in the new adjoining public park area.

Attendees should plan to arrive by Thursday evening, for introduction and settling in.
Friday and Saturday will have full-day schedules.
Sunday will begin with meditation for retreat attendees
followed by a Shukke Tokudo ceremony for Kosetsu Randy Earl

Location: Atlanta Soto Zen Center

map/location & directions

Notes on what to bring / consider (for those new to retreats)

Cost:  Due to the unique situation of college students, this retreat is offered on a donation basis
 for full-time students; regular retreat fee policies apply to all others.

(read about Dana the Perfection of Giving here)

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