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Jukai 2014

Please welcome the following six new members of the Silent Thunder Order / Atlanta Soto Zen Center Sangha; they undertook Jukai Initiation after the annual Precepts Retreat on Sunday, July 13th.  Below listed are the initiates' name, zen name, and meaning:



Kevin Steven Shumaker Shinnyo "Ultimate Reality"
Ran J Edwards Ryusan "Dragon Mountain"
Thomas Pomgrantz Daishin "Magnanimous Mind"
Joshua Dylan Worden Doshin "Aspiring Mind"
Jaime P Villareal Roshin "Nurturing Mind"
Sara Nicole Stavile Kishin-ni "Joyful Mind"

Initiation (Jap. Jukai), is open to anyone who is sincerely interested in practicing Zen. This is a personal choice, not a formal stage of training, but is considered a prerequisite for undertaking further steps along the formalized Practice Path.

More pictures from the ceremony are available here;


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