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Jukai 2013

Jukai2013Please welcome the following five new members of the Silent Thunder Order Sangha; they undertook Jukai Initiation after the annual Precepts Retreat on Sunday, July 14th.  Here listed are the initiates' name, zen name, and meaning (click "more" link for more photos):

Jacob A. Roth Koku "Empty Space"
Chris Hamilton Zengen "Good Manifestation"
Melissa Powell Konshin "Whole Body/Mind"
Trevor M. Sitler Zenen "Concrete Thought/State"
Gregg V. Richie Guju "Venerable Monk"
Ray Popovic Jokyo "Quiet Thought/Prajna"

As a point of interest, all the names of the Jukai July 2013 Initiates were taken from Okumura Roshi's fantastic analysis of Hannya Haramitsu:
This is vintage Shohaku-sama; always the best penetrating understanding based on personal experience - all STO Disciples should be aware of this journal of Soto Shu (

Thanks to Togen Mitch White, we have a nice collection of quality photos from this event:


0 # Guest 2013-08-22 21:50
This looks wonderful. What a joy!
0 # Kiho 2013-09-08 17:30
With palms together,

Welcome! And deep bows to all.

0 # Sangaku 2013-11-01 15:55
Gassho......... .....
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