2018 Rohatsu Sesshin

Sesshin means to unify or expound the Mind. It offers a unique opportunity to deepen practice and training in an intensive immersion into zazen (shikantaza).

The annual Rohatsu Sesshin is unique in that we sit up all night the last day in observance of Buddha's Enlightenment. We will be practicing at the Zonolite training center.

Elliston Roshi will lead a series of informal discussions on experience during zazen, and will offer daily dokusan, time TBD.
Please attend any or all of the retreat days as you are able. You can select the specific days you would like to attend. Fees are $50 per full day and $20 for overnight accommodations.

DANA (Supporting the Dharma Teachers): 
Please note that Dana is not included in the registration fee. Dana donation is an opportunity to express gratitude for the teachings which have been received and allows the Teacher to pay his/her living expenses. Therefore we will place a Dana box at our retreat. ADDITONAL THOUGHTS ON DANA

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not registered yet for Rohatsu Sesshin and plan to attend, please do so as soon as possible. If we do not have sufficient registrations by November 16, we will modify schedule or cancel the retreat.

Some helpful information: