Dec 1-8 2013
Sesshin means to unify or expound the Mind. It offers a unique opportunity to deepen practice and training in an intensive immersion into zazen (shikantaza).

The annual Rohatsu Sesshin is unique in that we sit up all night the last day in observance of Buddha's Enlightenment. We will be practicing at the Zonolite training center.

Elliston Sensei will lead a series of informal discussions on experience during zazen, and will offer daily dokusan, time TBD.

Follow the schedule to the degree possible. As a lay practice Sangha we recognize family and work-related responsibilities and encourage partial attendance as well. If possible please attend the orientation on Sunday and plan your entry and exit during break times. Please inform the Retreat Leader (Ino) if and when you must be absent. (download schedule here)

Meals will be informal and Oryoki-style at the discretion of the Tenzo; please bring your bowl set if you have one; if not one will be provided. Please let Tenzo know of any special dietary

Please observe silence when arriving, leaving, and especially between lights out until the middle breakfast bell is rung. Please avoid reading; talking only when necessary and during formal dialog.

Please register in advance so we may adequately prepare. You may register by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Retreat fees constitute a large portion of our operating budget and make it possible for us to provide a facility in which to hold retreat. The fee schedule is available here; one may pay online here, or in person during the retreat.