Silent Thunder Order
Precepts Retreat
July 9-14th
Third Annual Mokurai Silent Thunder Order
Conference Day and Annual General Meeting
 July 13, 2013
Atlanta Soto Zen Center
This retreat is designed for those wishing to look deeply into the Buddhist Precepts. The retreat will follow the Dharma Retreat Schedule from Wednesday - Friday. Senior Disciples and Practice Leaders will be team teaching with Taiun Roshi on the topic of the Precepts. Those wishing to take part in this team teaching opportunity, and Practice Leaders who have members who are pleanning on taking the Precepts, please e mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be added to the team teaching schedule and/or have preparations made for your members' Jukai ceremony. 
The Retreat will include the STO Conference on Saturday (schedule below) and wrap up on Sunday with Jukai & Zaike Tokudo Ceremonies and an Informal Celebration. All are encouraged to attend as much of the retreat as their personal schedule allows. It is a great opportunity for old and new practitioners from across North America to practice, learn, and plan together. Taking part in the conference morning workshops is an excellent way to learn about what is presently taking place behind the scene and choose a place to pitch in.
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Saturday Conference Day Agenda
5:00 – Tea in Zendo & Zazen (25 x 3)
6:30 – Oryoki breakfast
8:00 – Website Workshop
9:00 – Communications Workshop
10:00 - Fundraising Workshop
11:00 – Dharma Study Workshop
12:00 Informal Lunch
12:30 break set up projector/Skype
1:00 Annual General Meeting
  • Call to Order – Attendance
  • Active Membership List
  • Committee Reports
  • Structure of STO
  • Nominations & Discussion
  • Election
  • What’s next?
Break – informal supper
7:00 Zazan & Kinhin (35/5)
9:00 Tissarana
Sunday – Regular Sunday Morning Schedule followed by Jukai and Zaike Ceremonies and Celebration
The rumour has it that there may be a special guest speaker and informal music party as well! Bring your voice/instrument!