Dear Members and Supporters of the Silent Thunder Order:

We would like to thank you for your support over the past year. 

Your donations have been essential to making Zen practice accessible throughout the STO network ofNorth America. Examples include; the constant teaching efforts of Elliston Roshi:training visits to affiliates; conducting ceremonies; representing STOat the Soto Zen Buddhist Association (SZBA) Annual Conference; continuing the yearly practice schedule at the main training center in Atlanta; outreach including co-chairing the Interfaith Coalition of Fulton County; making theDharma available through weekly Skype teleconferences; enhancing Zen training through individualized dokusan and practice discussion; and refining the content and design of the STO and ASZC websites. 

This Fundraising Committee has been created to establish an effective fundraising process to meet the growing needs of our affiliate network. This includes organizing the Annual Membership Drive (inviting disciples to opt into active membership for the year, as well as lend their talents and effort on the STO Board of Directors and its committees); planning this Annual Funding Pledge Drive; and our special November Founder’s Month fund raising activities. Long range and near-term goals include funding an appropriate compensation package for Elliston Roshi’s efforts, and to meet overall STO expenses.

There is much to be celebrated in our Sangha, including recent ceremonies,Shiho Transmission of Zenku Jerry Smyers and Shukke Tokudo Novice Priest of Kosetsu Randy Earl, along with several Jukai Initiations and Zaike Tokudo Discipleships. This year has seen intense focus on Zen practice; establishment of best practices in line with the Soto Zen Buddhist Association; and most crucially, establishing monetary stability and improved communications within the STO. At present, two members of STO belong to SZBA, Elliston Roshi and Zenku Smyers Sensei. As full members, they serve on key committees of SZBA and have worked diligently toward STO being recognized by the larger Zen community in North America, as well as assisting SZBA in functioning smoothly and effectively.

We thank you in advance for your continued support.

In Gassho,

Board of Directors and Abbot, Silent Thunder Order

Below you will find information concerning supporting our Order through either a one time or monthly pledge for the remaining months of 2013.

STO 2013 Funding Pledge Drive

  • Provide members, disciples  and novice priests with access to continued support in their training along the practice path
  • Support the full time practice and teaching of our guiding teacher
  • Support the ongoing efforts of our web designer in making the STO website function smoothly as a communication hub for all members as well as a teaching site providing global access to the Dharma
  • Assist established Affiliate Practice Centers in sharing best practices and resources with each other
  • Assist start up groups in their efforts to establish stable, effective Zen Practice Centers
  • Help maintain our present 501 (c)(3) registered charitable organization status


Just click HERE  to donate using Paypal at any of the following levels

or checks may be sent to:

Silent Thunder Order / P.O. BOX 133241 / ATLANTA GA 30333-3241

Support Choices

Support Amount


Friend of the Sangha

This level may be for you if you  would like to support STO but have limited funds available

$10-$50 per Month

The excellent STO web page continues to help individuals who seek access and guidance in the Dharma

Friend of the Dharma

This level may be for you if you  would like to contribute at a reasonably  affordable level

$51-$100 per Month

Far flung affiliate members continue to be supported in their training

Friend of the Buddha

This level may be for you if your ongoing practice and relationship has awakened a deep aspiration to support the Silent Thunder Order

Above $100 per Month

Our guiding teacher continues to represent us through his attendance at the SZBA Conference.

Corporate Friend

For Companies wishing to support STO and its work

Free introduction to Zen Meditation for your company’s employees at our main training center or any of our affiliate centers.

Thank you very much for your ongoing support