bowingThe Silent Thunder Order participated in the SZBA Fifth National Conference at Great Vow Zen Monastery in Oregon Oct 4-7.  Representing the STO were Zenku Jerry Smyers and Elliston roshi;  a report on their experience and its importance to STO and ASZC will be forthcoming from Zenku, who was inducted as a Full Member and was named to the Standards Committee, an important position, and Elliston roshi, who joined the Program Committee, which has purview over the next conference content.

Below are a few photos (click on any one to open to full-screen gallery):

the first is a group shot is from 2010 - Sensei is in there somewhere; bowing is from that year's Induction Ceremony.  The rest are ending party with Sensei leading the singing of "Tissarana" with Hozan Alan Senauke and Jan Chozen Bays with about 100 people improvising - it was a smash. Sensei will repeat this performance as part of his set on Nov 10th (details soon).

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