Dear Sangha,

As you probably know, the Silent Thunder Order, our main training center, the Atlanta Soto Zen Center, and our Affiliate Centers, located up, down, and across North America, are supported by the generosity of our members and friends. Therefore we would like to offer you the opportunity to SIGN UP FOR MEMBERSHIP. Along with knowing that your practice of generosity is supporting the work of our Order in making genuine Soto Zen practice accessible for all, General Supporting Membership allows you to receive reduced rates for events taking place at the Atlanta Center as well as events happening at any of our affiliate centers (See chart for details).

Our projected operating budget for 2017 is $75, 000. This will include medical insurance, transportation and a reasonable living allowance for our guiding teacher. Please consider making a monthly commitment. Your contribution of any amount will be gratefully accepted and will be used to make sure the teaching and practice of our Zen ancestors remains available. Thank you for your wholehearted support and a special thanks to all who are already making monthly contributions to STO, ASZC or your local Affiliate.

Click here to learn more about Membership Types. The membership benefits apply whether you donate directly to STO, donate to the Atlanta Soto Zen Center, or donate to your local affiliate center. Please note that you can change or cancel your membership at any