kuya-zenkuUndo Kuya and Zenku

kuya-groupphoto1Mission Mountain Ohigan Sesshin Group Photo

group-photo-2Mission Mountain Ohigan Sesshin Group Photo

On Sunday, September 25, following a five day Ohigan Sesshin led by Zenku Jerry Smyers at the Mission Mountain Zen affiliate, Kuya Minogue of our Sakuraji affiliate received her new Ordination name "Undo" (Cloud Path), her robe and her bowls from Unsui Zenku in a Shukke Tokudo Ceremony. The ceremony was attended by sixteen people, eight of whom travelled to the Mission Mountain Zen Centre from Creston Canada, one who came from California and one from Illinois. Local students also attended.

Undo Kuya will be doing an ango with Reb Anderson at Green Gulch Farm starting October 11 and ending December 17, 2016.

Congratulations Undo Kuya,