The practice of Generosity, or Giving, is one of the Six Perfections, called Dana in Sanskrit (read more about Dana Paramita).  While this practice can take many forms, the donation of funds is always helpful.  If you would like to support the work of the Silent Thunder Order, there are several ways you can give.  Please consider one of the following options (and note that the right side is a recurring monthly automatic option):

Donate to the Silent Thunder Order, to support our mission of developing a formal, recognized, training program for the propagation of Soto Zen training in the Matsuoka lineage:
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Donate to the Atlanta Soto Zen Center, our Headquarters and main training facility:
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If you wish to Donate directly to Sensei, in appreciation for his role as teacher, you may do so here:
For whatever amount you are able to give, or in whatever way you practice the Perfection of Giving, the Three Treasures thank you.