Welcome to “the blog that shall remain nameless” for the present. We are conducting a contest to name this blog in an appropriate way, so it is appropriate that we blog a bit about what the focus of this particular blogic activity is and will be.


The focus is on Zen and daily life, which is admittedly not a very tight focus. Very broad, but appropriate for Westerners, Americans who are interested in Zen and perhaps adopting its practice as part of their lifestyle. So we will be welcoming questions and comments on Zen and household, lifestyle, Zen at work, in school. Zen relates to everything we do and illumines the mundane circumstances of daily life. After all, Buddhism is not a religious belief system about reality, but instead simply examines, thoroughly and on the cushion in meditation, the reality we inhabit — the fundamental miracle of existence itself.

Welcome to the Zenblog of Zenkai Taiun, founder and guiding teacher of the Silent Thunder Order. The first order of business is to name this blog, and you are invited to submit your brightest idea entries. Remember that we will want to live with this name for some time, and that it should be to the point, memorable and appropriate.

Being to the point means it captures, in a single word or brief phrase, the quality and character of the content that a visitor might expect to encounter, and that of its author

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