Welcome to the Zenblog of Zenkai Taiun, founder and guiding teacher of the Silent Thunder Order. The first order of business is to name this blog, and you are invited to submit your brightest idea entries. Remember that we will want to live with this name for some time, and that it should be to the point, memorable and appropriate.

Being to the point means it captures, in a single word or brief phrase, the quality and character of the content that a visitor might expect to encounter, and that of its author

(here's where we get into trouble — you may know me all too well :—). Memorable means that it is an unusual word or combination of words that is difficult to forget. Appropriate means that it does not create confusion or pretend to be something that it is not.

All submissions will be posted (with exceptions when notable – any judged to be blatantly inappropriate, for example) and a final winner will be announced. We don't know yet what the winner will win, but hey – that's Zen!

Please send your submissions as soon as you have time to think them up, and include suggestions for content. What would you like to blog about with Sensei? What would you like to see him take on, as timely issues of the day? Or what would you appreciate hearing about regarding Zen practice, in general? How would it be different from the Dharma Bytes and other teachings currently posted through other venues?

The winner will see his or her content dealt with first, as the kickoff to the Zenblog in its next commentary. Not much of a prize, but should offer a frisson of power and control, at least.

Start your naming engines now!